May 29, 2024

Concerns Grow Over the Increasing Abilities of AI

‘After Nagasaki and Hiroshima [atomic bombs], it took 18 years to get to a treaty over test bans … We don’t have that kind of time,’ said former Google CEO. News Analysis Big tech companies’ full commitment to developing artificial intelligence (AI), even enabling AI to “see” and “speak” to the human world, has led […]

May 28, 2024

Personal Details of Over 2.8 Million Americans Stolen in Sav-Rx Data Breach

Sav-Rx asked affected clients to be aware of any fraudulent activities or identity theft. Prescription services company Sav-Rx disclosed a data breach affecting nearly three million Americans, with client information like names, phone numbers, and social security numbers likely stolen by the hackers. The data breach occurred on Oct. 8 2023 when Sav-Rx identified an […]

May 27, 2024

Next Election Could Be Influenced by AI, Disinformation: Australian Senate Inquiry

Australian authorities were concerned that information generated by AI could affect the outcome of the upcoming election. Australian voters are being subject to disinformation and increasing AI’s (artificial intelligence) influence on election matters, a Senate inquiry has been told. During a recent Senate hearing, representatives from the Australian Media Literacy Alliance (AMLA) pointed out that […]

May 27, 2024

5 Reasons to Sign up for Your Digital ID

Have your every move tracked with the precision of a bloodhound on a scent trail. Commentary Digital ID is the newest marvel of modern ingenuity, poised to revolutionise life in Australia. But fear not for digital ID is not mandatory—yet. It’s just like the vaccine that wasn’t mandatory, until it was, sort of. Will this […]

May 26, 2024

Wisconsin Man Arrested for Allegedly Producing, Distributing AI-generated Images of Child Sexual Abuse

‘Technology may change, but our commitment to protecting children will not,’ Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said. A Wisconsin man was arrested for allegedly producing, distributing, and possessing AI-generated images of minors in sexually explicit acts and transferring these images to a minor on the social media platform Instagram. Forty-two-year-old Steven Anderegg, of Holmen, allegedly […]

May 26, 2024

X Must Answer to Queensland Laws, Tribunal Decides

An Australian Tribunal has ordered Elon Musk’s X to adhere to local anti-discrimination laws. Elon Musk has suffered another legal defeat in Australia after his social media company X argued it should not be subject to local anti-discrimination laws. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled X—formerly known as Twitter—has to answer to the state’s […]

May 25, 2024

Archer’s Midnight Air Taxi Gets ‘Airworthiness Criteria’ From FAA

The company expects its flying cars to start operations in 2025. A flying taxi car has hit the critical “airworthiness criteria” milestone set by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which paves the path forward for its introduction into American airspace. On May 24, the FAA issued the final “airworthiness criteria” for Archer Aviation’s Midnight […]

May 25, 2024

Internet Bureaucrats Protect Us Against Everything Except Online Crime

Australians are particularly susceptible to online scams, despite having a full swathe of internet safety regulators. Commentary Australia is a trailblazer in online safety, after all, we were first in the world in 2015 to establish an eSafety Commission—right? Well, maybe, but so what? Having a Commission is one thing, being “eSafe” is another. Recent […]